Tuesday, May 25, 2010

story time

For those of you who will be in NYC tomorrow night (and also, I suppose, for those of you who are into making last-minute interstate road trips to see what bloggers look like in person), I will be reading a story I wrote in the West Village Wednesday night as part of the next installment of the Papercone reading series. The theme is "pranks" (spoiler alert: I'll be reading a story about high school). It should be a fun time, and at least (hopefully?) more enjoyable than whatever else you'd be doing on a Wednesday night (watching DVRed 'Glee'? Getting dinner with that former co-worker you've been blowing off? Eating peanut butter in bed?). Check out the poster here, and hope to see y'all tomorrow night!


Danja said...

for those of us who cannot be there.. post the story here!!

Chantelle said...

hi there. i followed u. please follow me back