Thursday, September 13, 2012

ways to spice up your life

1) Make a seemingly mundane event (i.e. your doorbell ringing) exciting by pretending that it's the cliffhanger season finale ending in a reality show about your life. It will result in thousands of tweets (likely to be divided pretty evenly between #TeamUPSGuy and #TeamSeamlessDelivery) and countless blog posts (nay, entire blogs!) devoted to the "who's at the door???" mystery. There will be GIFs of your head quickly whipping around at the sound of the buzzer all over the internet.

2) The superintendent in my building calls me "Jay" instead of "Josh." I have no idea if he knows that my name is "Josh" and just calls me "Jay" as, I dunno, a shortened version... or if he just misheard me the first time I told him my name. Anyway, I pass him in the lobby quite often, and he always says "Hey Jay," and it's this little jolt of excitement (?) in my day to be called by this alternate moniker. "Oh, right," I always think, "I'm Jay to him." (So yeah, I guess my "tip" here is: introduce yourself with a slightly modified name to a periphery character in your life!)

3) I used to play this "game" with my friend Andrew. Basically, I'd scroll through the contacts list on my phone and then Andrew would yell (yell!) "stop" after a few seconds. I would then have to text whomever I had landed on, no matter if it was my friend's dad, my high school tennis coach, etc. Of course, like 97% of the time we wouldn't actually go through with sending the text (also, we only played this rollicking game like once) but it's still fun to consider what you would text the person (would you come up with something viable to text them or you would play it off as a "mistake"??). (Hmm, maybe the takeaway of this third item is that you probably don't want to rely on me to organize your next Game Night.)