Tuesday, February 26, 2013

news & notes

Hi friends!

Some news & notes!

1) Like 17 years later, I've made a twitter account for this here blog. It has soooo many followers already, so hurry up and follow it before all the spots run out!! (My own personal twitter is here.)

2) I'm writing a web series that I'm working on with a bunch of very talented people! It's called TWENTY FIVE, and our website's up here -- ch-check it out! (We've also got a Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter up. An obscene number of hyperlinks within this parenthetical, I know.) Episodes will be up later this year! 

3) This isn't "news" or a "note" (actually, I guess maybe it is a note?), but it just dawned on me when I was re-reading what I've written so far and changed two periods to exclamation points that it is ABSURD how we've gotten to a point "culturally" where not ending a sentence with an exclamation point makes it seem VERY solemn/severe, regardless of the sentence's content. I recently re-read a long catch-up e-mail I wrote in like 2009 to a good friend about my job and life and such... and the fact that there were zero exclamation points in it honestly made it read like hate speech. 

Anyway, that's it! Love you all!

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